Make your own Virtual Entity

MGC nation is a place where you can establish and manage a virtual enity: an organization, a ccommunity or city. What does it mean to be virtual? Some people think that virtual is imaginary. That is only partially correct. If something is virtual is shares characteristics of something that is real. If you have a virtual friend, then the virtual friend will usually meet emotional needs that a human friend would. Or virtual community can be grounded in real relationships and real places. Some people think that virtual means that whatever is virtual is not real. But many times, virtual things perform the same tasks as the real thing. So something virtual shares characteristics of something real but can often do something that something grounded in reality cannot do. Thus, virtualizing can help us break boundaries!

City Developers Wanted

Boston, MA
New York City, NY
Miami, FL
Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA

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